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The Internet is overflowing with opportunities, but you need someone to connect the dots. Let me handle your Digital Muddles, you go build your product.

I make marketing better Here's How

Content Strategy

A strategy that is a perfect mixture of information, fun, value, and inspiration for your target audience. When it comes to entering a competitive market your content should stand out from your peers and this is what makes you unique. It should be value-driven so that it reaches your target audience organically.

You need the only ‘words’ to convert your Target Audience ➡ Paid Customers at first glance. Copy in paid ads is important for higher conversion. The copy should be simple yet able to trigger the right emotions that fuels purchase decisions. Well-written email copies turn your leads into customers.
Paid Media

Leverage Paid Media to reach a wider audience and land them in your sales funnel. When it comes to quickly reaching your target audience, paid ads come into the picture. With detailed targeting and setting up the right campaigns, you can start generating sales for your business.

Email Marketing

Nurture your leads with the email automation strategies for the sales funnel to flow smoothly. Your prospect won’t buy the first time they see you, they need to be nurtured timely with valuable emails that builds that trust and you can sell naturally.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Use social media as a tool to generate the inflow of money for your business through the power of content. The first place your prospect looks up for you is your social media. It should be well optimized & with valuable posts that are a mix of entertainment + information that helps you grow your account and reach your target audience.

The digital Story

Hey there!
The World is going digital, so why not you? I can help you create an amazing online presence that will work for you even when you’re not around. Whether you’re sleeping, relaxing on the beach, or pursuing your favorite hobby, your digital version will be out there working hard to earn you money.
Sounds dreamy, right? But how do you get there? I am here to help you with your digital muddles so that you can focus on more important things, like creating an amazing product or service for your audience.
So are you ready to take your digital trip?

Juhi Jethwani

There is a reason why folks love my work and they aren't afraid to show

Vasudha Ralla

I interacted with Juhi when I was invited as a guest on a Live show. I loved her energy and decided to hire her if I ever needed help in the future. Being a solopreneur, I was not looking to hire anyone but Juhi’s honest work ethic, and her energy was the driving force behind seeking her services. She is a genuine person who’s passionate about her work. Being an intuitive entrepreneur, integrity is a huge quality I look for in people I work with and she definitely checks that box. And she is great at what she does. If you are looking to do business with a genuine person who has the right energy to manage some of the toughest tasks, look no further.

Nirupama Vyas

Juhi is absolutely ambitious and passionate about her work!! My engagement with her started for Content Marketing, Social Media Management and for Copywriting of my content for various platforms. She understands the needs of the client very well and does in-depth research of the subject matter!! She makes it simple and easily useful for her clients. She is truly dependable and disciplined with regard to her work!! I would highly recommend her for her Social media services

Subrata Bhattacharjee

Juhi is an amazing creator,consultant and brainstorming with her is a breeze. Juhi is up-to-date on all the useful digital technology, has a sound knowledge on Content Creation and Client handling. Client first is what she believes from the core.I wish Juhi a magnificent career ahead! Good luck!

Pranav Talati

If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Juhi is that person. I’ve worked with Juhi several times, and she was integral in assisting me in Digital Marketing. She positively influenced my trajectory and helped me build confidence in this challenging field.

Anshul Jain

Juhi Jethwani is definitely a thought leader and super at Marketing. She has a pleasant personality and is very hard working. Always on the move and making things happen. A complete go-getter with utmost humility. I’ve been working with Juhi on events for over a year now and she continues to be an excellent performer.

Urvi Yogi

Juhi is great at managing all the tasks and gives some amazing creative ideas. She has an ability to forecast actions – its benefits and challenges in the long run, which saves a lot of time and helps efficient decision making. I totally recommend working with Juhi!

Deeya Soni

Juhi is the best at what she does, she is an amazing content creator and keep ups with the trends for content creation. I would highly recommend her, you can trust her with your projects blindly. Good luck!

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