Does Content really help in getting Sales?

What will we discover today?

  • What is Content Marketing & its importance?
  • Benefits & Pillars of Content Marketing
  • Types of Content Creation for Content Marketing
  • How to put up Sales Content?

What is Content Marketing?

In this online world people love reading and watching content online. When content is written in the right way for a specific brand and its product/services it provides knowledge about it to the audience and arouses interest in the same.

Content should be designed in an informative plus interesting, fun way to get the audience’s attention and engagement.

Content marketing is the best way to share knowledge and information of the product/service to the audience. People only buy something when they know about it and how it will help them or how it will be fruitful in their life. People need to be nurtured with ‘Who’ ‘Why’ ‘How’ ‘When’? Before they make a purchase.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content Marketing is important because it answers your audience’s questions and helps you build trust, develop relationships, improve conversations and generate leads. In today’s era, customers expect high-quality & consistent content from their favorite brand and also when they get it from a new brand they get hooked to it and with time become their loyal customer.

With content marketing you deliver ‘Brand Message’ to the audience creating the ‘Brand Identity’. It increases your credibility and strengthens your reputation.

    • Your audience will stick around longer.
    • You will have better traction on social media.
    • Your audience will trust you.
    • It will position your brand as an authority in your industry.
    • You will generate quality leads.

3 Important Pillars of Content Marketing

  • Originality
  • Engagement
  • Relevancy

You need to put up your content around these pillars to build an authentic brand content strategy that engages the audience and makes them a brand loyal customer in the long run.

3 Types of Content Creation for Content Marketing

  1. Awareness Content: This is on the top of the funnel. It focuses on driving more visibility to your brand. The goal of this type of content is to educate your audience on what you do and how you do, build personal brand and awareness.
  2. Thought Leadership Content: This type of content positions you as an ‘expert’ in your industry. Publishing this type of content regularly builds the authority that you and your company are the leaders in what you do! These content pieces showcase your perspective of your niche based on your experience and working style.
  3. Sales Content: Sales content converts leads into customers. This type of content is usually for the audience who have shown interest in your brand once and are nurtured for a period of time. Sales content works well for them as they convert into paid customers in a lesser time period.

Content Marketing is the way to acquire your customer and increase the sales. For this carefully crafted sales content should be presented that doesn’t sound like you’re selling something.

How do you put up Sales Content?

Sales content helps convert those audiences who are interested in your services to decide if you’re the right solution for their needs.

2 types of Sales Content that converts effective leads to customers.

  1. Comparison Content: This type of content states a clear positioning of what your team is best at and who should work with you. It highlights potential solutions and on how your customers would benefit from them. Customers are interested in knowing how your product/service would add value to their life.
  2. Success Stories: It can come up as a review of your product/service in a written form or video form which is preferable from the customer on your website. Full stack case studies also work really well. Identifying the problems that customer was dealing with and exactly how you and your team solve that problem and building a case study around it.

Examples of Converting Sales Content

  • How did this diet plan help my client reduce 10kgs in 3 months?
  • How my healing sessions changed Suresh’s life to 360 degree?
  • 13 Proven Benefits of Content Marketing.
  • How did our client generate 500 leads with the right strategy?

So did you get what ‘magic’ your ‘content’ can make?

Don’t wait any further & start writing. Your first draft won’t be the best but it’s the first and the most important step to get started and get better along the journey.

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