How quick can you get your Digital Marketing Efforts’ results?

We all are here to make money and take our business to a full swing mode where we get a number of new customers, leads, and sales every single day!
Is it possible?
Is it easy?
Is it quick?
Big NO!
Digital Marketing is way ahead of Traditional Marketing when it comes to reaching a wider audience and scaling a business.
But that does not mean you start your digital marketing today and get results after a week.
Have you heard of it?
“Good things take time, Great things take a little longer!”
Actually getting something too easily & too soon can cheapen the outcome.
Digital marketing gets you results quicker than traditional marketing, but it has its own process to follow to get the fruitful long term results.
If you are looking for some quick ways by cutting the corners to scale your business you can’t ace the long term game.
So let’s learn about the Digital Marketing Time Cycle.

What is the Digital Marketing Time Cycle?
The cycle explains how a business can start digital marketing from scratch, build their online presence, steps to capture the digital market, priority tasks at each stage of growing, scale to a point and maintain the expansion phase.

What will you get to know?

  • What are the 4 Stages of the DM cycle?
  • What should be done at each stage of the DM cycle?
  • What time period does it take for each stage?
  • What tasks should be prioritized at each stage?
  • What results can you expect at every stage?
  • How can you take your business to full swing expansion mode?

4 Stages of Digital Marketing Cycle📊👇

1. The SETUP Stage (0-3 months)
This is the most crucial stage as you are just starting out and you need to start it right.
But that does not mean you need to make everything ‘perfect’. Perfectionism is a myth and a biggest procrastinator. So ditch it and start with what you feel right.

How to start?

  • Build & Optimize your social media handles.
  • Understand online environment.
  • Assess touchpoints.
  • Setup digital infrastructure.
  • Initiate relationships.
  • Gain followers.
  • Develop Content Strategy

Your initial posts, reaching out messages, and content strategy will not be perfect but it’s important to get you noticed in the marketing you are targeting for. You will start to gain followers from your family. Friends but all might not be your target audience and that’s okay to start with it.

2. The TRACTION Stage (4-9 months)
Here you have understood how the market is and you are developing your strategy around it. You have a good number of social media posts, built your website and you are somewhere on the search engines.

What should be done now?

  • Transform touchpoints to conversation points.
  • Gain traction on social media sites.
  • Place on search engines.
  • Start Brand Awareness campaigns.
  • Gain responses to CTA.
  • Build Customer Satisfaction & Testimonials.

Start your brand awareness campaigns and leverage the paid media to reach a wider audience. Offer free lead magnets to provide immense value to your audience and gain their trust.
Remember you gain ‘Trust’ first and then ‘Money’.
Here your focus should be providing value and satisfying the initial customer base. Ask for their suggestions and tweak your product/service according to what the market wants. Ask for testimonials and you are good to got for your strong positioning stage in the market.

3. The POSITIONING Stage (10-15 months)
You are now in the minds of your audience because you have established social media handles with regular flow of value-driven content, a strong email list where they hear from you frequently and trust you.

How did you do this?

  • Convert conversation points to conversion points.
  • Good position on search engines.
  • Established campaigns.
  • Gain new sales revenue.
  • Develop brand loyalty.
  • Strong Email-list.

Your lead generation campaigns are regular and established with incoming leads and higher conversion. You have a stream of revenue and now focus on growth-oriented strategies to come up with even finer product/service for your valued customer base.

4. The EXPANSION Stage (16-27 months)
Did you see all your efforts are now making your brand go viral and you are on top of the minds of your audience, not only for the product/service you offer but the brand power you have created in all these months.

What benefits do you have now?

  • Stabilized position on search engines.
  • Recognition as an expert of industry.
  • Established Content Strategy.
  • Regular inflow of leads.
  • Gain brand power.
  • Consistent stream of revenue.

You have a system set for all the regular work and your lead generation, revenue inflow runs on automation. Your focus now is to maintain your brand loyalty and leverage the expertise you have built.
Did you realize how each stage of digital marketing made a brand grow and expand in the market?
The priority tasks are different at every stage and when combined it leads to exponential growth of a brand.
You can’t expect the fruits of stage 3 or 4 in the 1st stage itself. If you don’t build the foundation strong because of the rush to reach at top you will fall very soon.

Digital Marketing is not an overnight game to win. A lot goes in stabilizing a brand online which is well known today. Brands have to go down to each stage to reach the viral growth stage🙋‍♀️

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